Thursday, February 11, 2010

Women With Two Viginas Pictures What Are The Ages Of The Two Women,ane The Beat Of Their Pulse?

What are the ages of the two women,ane the beat of their pulse? - women with two viginas pictures

Two women in an aerobics class, to the pulse no longer
and are surprised that they have the same impulse.
To achieve maximum benefit for
the heart in exercise, heart rate (beats per
Minute) must be in the heart rate monitor. Lowest
Boundary of this zone will be 70% of the difference
between 220 and age. The upper limit is given by
A woman, 36 years older than the others and working conditions
the ceiling of the training area. The
Young woman working at the lower end of the target --
Heart rate target zone.

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Wa Lao said...

It seems more a question of mathematics.

The age of the young
Since women in the age of 36, his age of 36 years and

Old pulse = (220 - y - 36) x 0.85
Young Woman pulse = (220 - y) x 0.7

Since both have the same heart rate,

(220 - y - 36) = 0.85 x (220-Y) x 0.7
156.4 - 0.85y = 154 - 0.7y
0.85y - 0.7y = 156.4 to 154
0.15y = 2.4
Y = 16

Young women aged = 16
Age of women aged = 52

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